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The 3rd Annual

Hack for the Sea: Gloucester 2018

To all marine professionals, programmers, scientists, educators, hobbyists, writers, naturalists, marketers, videographers, students, and lovers of the sea: join us!

Sponsor a Ticket

You can't make it to Hack for the Sea this year. We're guessing you're not very happy about that, but don't worry - you can still do something to help. There are folks out there who can make the event, but for one reason or another can't afford it: Help sponsor their tickets.

Simply going to the EventBrite page and donate $25 per ticket. By doing so you can enable our ocean hacker community to take on the most important challenges that exist today in marine science, research, conservation, and industry. The ocean is life and livelihood and you — from your laptop or phone — can catalzye change.